How to Motocross – Getting into it

How to get into motocross – One of the most accessible motor sports on the planet.

How to motocross or getting into motocross or MX is easy and most of all thrilling! Once you get the bug, there no looking back!

Mx is a pastime full of Adeline, all you need is a motorbike, a rider, a track or even just a field. There are no license or tests to take and no rules once you have the hang of it.

Mx as a sport can be a different game, you will need to be able to handle physical demand, technique, mental strength, balance and a lot of guts. The top mx riders are trained professionally and are in great fitness level.

A lot of Mx riders catch the motocross bug after a few goes round a track, then it becomes a way of life.

Try it out simple style

You can get the feel of How to Motocross by jumping on a mountain bike and riding on a dirt track to get the feel. Riding tracks through woodland will give you a taste of being on 2 wheels and being able to balance on rough terrain. A mountain bike may be slower and less technical but it will give you a feel of off-road.

You can even tackle a few jumps to get the feel of what speed you need to clear a table-top. A lot of professional motocross riders use mountain bikes and BMX bike to train as there are a few things similar such as controls and balance on 2 wheels.

Purchase a MX Bike

Whether you get a Honda, Suzuki, Yamaha, husqvarna, Kawasaki or KTM they will all be a bike you’re going to learn on, once you get the feel for how you are going to ride, I would put money on you change it sooner or later.

For a first bike I would get a 2 stroke engine and depending on the age, an automatic is a good place to start for a young rider.

Find a MX Track near you

The best way to find a MX track is on Facebook, just put in motocross or Mx in the search bar and there will be a some that come up in your area, they may have a fancy name such as The Ranch or VIP.

Most tracks are just labeled the place where they are IE Manchester mx.

A good track will have emergency contacts on site and marshals dotted around the track for safety.

Some will have a food stall and a spares shop too, just in case you need it – which comes in handy.

The day will be run in sessions and you will be in a group depending on your standard – kids, novice, expert.

Get your self familiar with the flags – yellow is slow down = accident up ahead, Red is STOP = someone may have fallen on and is in the middle of the track and the checkered flag = session is over.

Depending on how busy the track is that day the sessions normally run between 20-15 minutes a time.

Get some lessons

It may be a good idea to begin with some lessons, some riding school will be able to supply you with the bike so you can try them out before you buy.

Getting some tips and tricks from an ex-professional will be handy for you getting into morocross riding to improve.

Compete in a Race

If the Mx bug get hold of you it can lead to you wanting to race against others, joining a racing club will cost a fee and then an entry price for meetings.

Get yourself some Good Gear

Whether you try motocross out for the first time or you are going to stick at it for a while you will want to invest in quality equipment.

Your jeans and t-shirt just won’t do and most tracks won’t let you ride without the proper gear.

A good helmet is a must and a decent pair of boots, the clothing is quite light and is made of resistant materials to take the impact of the stones that may get thrown up.

A strong pair of goggles will be needed with a set of tear offs to suit.


The only way to get any good at motocross is to keep riding.

Motocross is a better work out than the gym, with the adrenaline involved you seem to be working that much more.

Stay Safe

Make sure you are always safe on your bike, because a broken bone can put you out of action for weeks.

Thank you for reading – Feel free to leave a comment or ask a question below

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One thought on “How to Motocross – Getting into it

  1. hi,
    since you gave so many details, beginners gonna get huge help from your blog. Thanks to you.
    people who are showing interest in motocross can really get into it by hopping on a mountain bike and riding a gravel track. ya, it will help to improve balance on two wheels. Only practice can get them into MX soon.


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