Learn to Ride A Motorcycle From The Start

Mastering how to learn ride a motorcycle is similar to learning to drive a car, because it can be intimidating at first but once you master how to control the machine it will get easier.

The Bike

Get yourself familiar with the bike and its controls.

Make sure you know what the leavers do and what you in theory will need to do to control the bike.

Have a good look over the bike to make sure the tyres are in good condition, the levers work when they are used with the engine off, therefore you do not want to begin to learn ride a motorcycle with a faulty bike.

Safety Gear

You will need to get yourself a good helmet to protect your head and wear as much safety gear as possible, because if you ever come off a bike this will save your life.

MX Helmet to keep your head safe

You could be the most curious rider in the world but there are other bike and vehicles that will pass you by.

Getting a bike to suit you

Whichever bike you are going to learn on you need to make sure that you are able to touch the floor when stationary, your feet will need to be able to touch the floor to keep your balance.

When positioned on the bike, if the bike has mirrors you may need to adjust them to suit your eyesight behind you.

Starting the engine

Depending on what sort of bike you are riding you will need to kick the engine over using the kick start, Make sure you keep you balance whiles doing this, and always make sure the bike is in neutral.

You can do this by pushing the bike with the clutch out (the left-hand side lever) to make sure the wheels are free.

If the bike is in gear then it will be hard to push along.

motocross bike kick start RM 125

Some bikes will have an electric start which will also require the bike to be out of gear to start, if the bike is in gear when attempting to start them it will try to jump forward.

Try the controls

When sitting on the bike with the engine running make sure the throttle works by twisting your right-hand grip and the engine should rev up.

If the bike is an automatic the bike will start to move when the throttle is twisted.

Depress the clutch (left-hand lever) and hold it in, whiles the clutch is held in use your left foot to put the engine in gear.

The bike should not move whiles the clutch is depressed.

Before letting go of the clutch you will need to make sure the engine is back in neutral which is normally, push the gear lever with your left foot all the way down to the bottom 4-5 taps should do it, then one tap up.

The bike should now be in neutral.

Check this by slowly releasing to clutch to see if the bike tries to move – if so the engine is not in neutral.


rear motobike brake

The brakes are an important part of riding a motorbike as if you cannot stop you will crash.

The front brake is located on the handle bars in front of the throttle, a gentle squeeze of the lever will apply the front wheel to slow down and stop.

The harder you pull the lever the sharper the front wheel will stop.

Be gentle whiles going along as you don’t want the front wheel to lock up and send you over the handle bars.

The rear brake is located by your right foot and will

be commonly used to bring the bike to a stop more than the front. Again the harder you push the brake down the sharper the wheel will slow down and skid.

The Clutch

learn to control Clutch lever to change gear

The clutch is used to disengage the engine from the drive chain, you can test this out by pulling the clutch in whiles going along and it will stop the power going to the drive chain.

Changing Gear

The gears on a motorbike are similar to those of a car, they each need to work through as you gain speed.

When pulling away you will need to be in 1st gear, you can do this by depressing the clutch and tapping the gear lever by your left foot down – slowly release the clutch and the bike will start to move.

When moving along you will hear the engine reeving up and if you are increasing in speed then you will need to change gear.

This can be done by depressing the clutch again and tapping the gear lever up, be sure to tap it rights up as you may hit neutral.

A typical gear sequence looks like this

Gear lever to select gear

Fifth Gear

Fourth Gear

Third Gear

Second Gear


First Gear

Each gear change will require you to depress the clutch and disengage the engine whiles changing gear.

Riding the bike

Once you are on the bike and in motion you need to practice riding, the more you practice the easier it will become.

When cornering try to lean with the bike as it will feel more Comfatable and relaxed.

You will learn to Ride A Motorcycle better the more you practice.

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