MX Toolbox – Upgrades for your Motocross Bike


As a dirt bike rider, you want to constantly take things to the next level.

Not only do you want to push yourself and get better, but you want to upgrade your dirt bike MX gear sets as well.

Whether you want to up your motocross game, ride more rigorous trails, or simply have a fun time with your friends, dirt bike upgrades get the job done within the MX Toolbox.

Sometimes, the stock equipment just doesn’t cut it. However, you may be intimidated by the high costs of dirt bike modifications.


If you’re tired of a rough ride, change the suspension. A stock suspension causes your shoulders and arms to take some serious beatings.

front forks

Some crucial dirt bike suspension parts to upgrade include:

• Shocks
• Linkage
• Triple Clamps
• Fork seals

With a new suspension, you’ll be riding more smoothly and comfortably in no time.

Upgrading the suspension can achieve a quick and continuous response in the damping which slows down up and coming motions without harshness.

We have all approached a jump aiming to land at the other end with a continuous flow of power to proceed, on some occasions this is not the case and the suspension needs to do its job to keep you stable to counteract for your actions.


If you make one upgrade to your ride within your MX toolbox, make sure it’s the exhaust. A new dirt bike exhaust system will boost the speed, sound, and style all at once.

Whether you spend a few hundred dollars on a slip-on or go for a full exhaust system, you’ll be happy.

race pipe

You can make exhaust upgrades no matter your budget limitations.

Upgrading the pipe is probably my favourite upgrade, not only does it improve power gain and unparalleled performance.

The sound of a new pipe can make your bike look and sound better too.


Adjusting the jetting within the carburettor alters the air to fuel ratio improves performance and can help get the most out of your bike.


Upgrading the reeds combined with jetting the carburettor is also a way of increasing the airflow through the engine, increasing horsepower.

v force reeds

When racers looking for the performance edge on two-stroke race bikes’.

The reed valve system will increase horsepower and torque by increasing the efficiency over a conventional reed valve design.

New reed cage offers a unique design features double the reed tip surface over the OEM reed valve design.

Consider when an engine operating at 8,000 RPM the reed petal opening and closing 133 times in one second.

That is demanding on the reed system, reliability and performance are what you need from your reeds.

This is where the upgrade reed system outperforms the competition. Since the petals are only traveling half the distance, they last longer over the OEM Designed reed valve design.


Gearing up? Gearing down? Adding teeth? Adding speed? The gearing is a good way of changing the bikes’ performance to suit you individually.

Some riders will like to increase acceleration and other will like to increase speed.
Changing out the sprocket is one of the cheapest and simplest upgrades that will give you immediate results.

Get a bigger rear sprocket and/or smaller front sprocket to get more bottom end. Alternatively, get a smaller rear sprocket or bigger front sprocket if you want to open it up and get some more top speed.

If you’re into motocross, we recommend opting for an aluminium sprocket with a non-O-chain. But if you’re off-roading on trails, you may want to get a steel sprocket and an O-ring chain. Why these specific setups for different type of riding?

Motocross riders want to keep their bikes’ light and fast and an aluminium sprocket will most often be lighter than steel. Many riders feel that O-ring style chains create extra drag and thus reduce the power that get put to the ground, there for most racers prefer to use a standard MX chain.

Trail and off-road riders might not be as concerned with performance as they are with longevity of their parts.

A steel rear sprocket and O-ring chain will deliver many more hours of use than an aluminium sprocket and MX style chain.

No matter what type of riding you do, finding the right gearing combination for your desires may require a bit of experimentation though.


Say goodbye to clutch control and throttle problems with a new clutch system. No one likes riding on a stock clutch, from beginners to pros.

Replacing the factory clutch system is without a doubt one of the best things you can do for a dirt bike.


One of the most neglected upgrades is the controls. Your dirt bike controls directly impact how you ride and operate your bike. Stiff handlebars, slippery grips, and uncomfortable levers can make riding your dirt bike somewhat of a torturous experience.

Over time, you’ll experience fatigue after a long trail adventure or race day. Why not make the experience more comfortable?

You won’t need to complain about discomfort if you upgrade the following parts:

• Handlebars
• Grips
• Levers
• foot pegs

You’ll be surprised at how much a difference a controls upgrade can make. When your arms are properly positioned and your feet are well-planted, you’ll ride more confidently.

MX Custom toolbox controls will make you perform better. You’ll find that making such a simple upgrade will make you feel like a more skilled rider.

As a dirt bike rider looking to find an extra edge, you’ll see a difference if you make any of these upgrades.

All you need to bring your bike to new heights is a few hundred bucks. You don’t need to max out your credit cards to start enjoying your rides more.

Air Filter

Upgrades air filters are designed to increase horsepower and acceleration while providing excellent filtration. The filters are washable and reusable and are custom designed to fit into your existing factory air box. Their drop-in design means adding performance is simple. With most vehicles you simply remove the disposable air filter and replace it with new.
Designed to boost horsepower and rate of acceleration
Can be cleaned and used again
High air flow with exceptional filtration
Works with original equipment manufacturer vehicle electronics

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