What MX bike? – Every bike is Different

Choosing a motocross bike can be a tough choice because of the amount of factors you will have to consider to What MX bike? Every bike is different. As you are here reading this, you have no doubt been googling pictures of certain makes and modals of bikes to find out which one you areContinue reading “What MX bike? – Every bike is Different”

MX Toolbox – Upgrades for your Motocross Bike

As a dirt bike rider, you want to constantly take things to the next level. Not only do you want to push yourself and get better, but you want to upgrade your dirt bike MX gear sets as well. Whether you want to up your motocross game, ride more rigorous trails, or simply have aContinue reading “MX Toolbox – Upgrades for your Motocross Bike”

The importance of Safety on a Motocross Bike

The main tool (or toy) for motocross is the bike itself. The importance of safety on a motocross bike is critical! When I first got a bike I didn’t think about protecting myself, it was just my new toy and I wanted to just go. Through my mistakes and injury I learnt that the nextContinue reading “The importance of Safety on a Motocross Bike”