About Me

Hi everyone and welcome to my MX Gear website. From when I was a young boy I have always been interested in motocross. From my first bike riding across the fields I have been buying numerous products to improve my performance with myself and my bike.

From hammering across the fields in the village I was raised in the UK I was taking every opportunity to improve my skill on a bike.

I would like to teach you what I now know and have learnt through my mistakes.

With years of watching skilled riders, there are some techniques to put into practice on the track and equipment that is critical to wear to protect yourself.

A Little Story About My Motocross Life

From my first 50 cc motocross bike I was very confident on wanting to get the wheels off the ground, Doing jumps and going as fast as I could. It wasn’t just the fun of riding, I had to keep up with the rest.

All I had at first was the bike. My parents soon realized that I would need the proper equipment to save me from broken bones.

When on a motocross bike you don’t think about falling off, you just want to be in the lead.

Watching the pros on the TV (you tube wasn’t available in my day) I wanted to be able to pull off the jumps and skills they were doing.

Motocross Is Growing More Popular

The Motocross world is becoming more and more popular with young children and its taking the parents back to their youth.

The difference is that we are not willing to invest in our safety a lot more after experiences of broken bones or accidents that can put us out of action for weeks.

Every rider has different requirements on safety, people who want speed need to be light as they can when others who like to jump high need support for when they land.

Safety is a MUST

A helmet is the most important part of a motocross bike as a head injury cannot be repaired sometimes. The right safety equipment for riding motocross is critical to be able to keep riding.

Let me know your story’s of what got you hooked on MX

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